February 26-27, 2019
Hotel Courtyard Zurich North, Switzerland
Standard admission
Operators € 699,- / Vendors € 799,-




Standard admission
Operators € 699,- / Vendors € 799,-

Welcome to the European Business Aviation Safety Conference of the Year

The European Business Aviation Safety Conference EBASCON is held once a year in February in a major city around Europe. It is the only conference in Europe for the business aviation community providing a platform for the exchange of ideas and information as well as the sharing of best practises in the field of business aviation.

Please join us and take this opportunity to:

  • SHARE experiences and strategies
  • EXPLORE transferable and practical policies
  • LEARN how to become proactive in aviation safety
  • DEFINE areas for improvement
  • OBTAIN solutions

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Only 50 (100) Seats Remaining Currently

Who should attend

  • Business Aviation Executives

  • Business Aviation Safety Pilots and Safety Managers

  • Aviation Authorities

  • Business Aviation Operators

  • Government Officials

  • Business Aviation Vendors

  • Research Agencies

Reasons to attend:

  • Receive practical guidance from industry experts on implementing effective safety management systems (SMS) and embedding a good safety culture throughout your organisation
  • Hear best practice and case studies from within aviation and other industries, meet and network with organisations who have strong safety systems
  • Discuss how to be proactive in managing fatigue and how to incorporate it as part of broader SMS, debate flight time limitation changes
  • Learn how to overcome the challenges of implementation and how to communicate and cooperate the importance of SMS
  • Understand how to mitigate reduced pilot experience and skill level in the face of greater automation to maintain crew competency
  • Explore the future of Business Aviation safety initiatives, emerging safety technologies and their aviation application beyond 2013.